Style guide

Style guide

The theme comes with excellent support for WordPress blocks.

Easily link to pages on your website, social media, or make a call-to-action.

Easily add multiple photos and automatically arrange them in a gallery. 

Easily create structure and make your content easy to read and navigate.

Easily publish and distribute blocks of formatted code for your viewers.

Easily use the adaptation of font sizes with changes in viewport width.

Easily emphasis text on pages or a special message on your website.

Easily place emphasis and draw attention to key phrases or important words.

Easily upload and style media to provide a visual tone and user experience.

Easily showcase excerpts of text, inspiring words, or positive client testimonials.

Easily provide links to your social media profiles to help folks get connected.

Easily organize information on your page in a concise, readable way for visitors.

Easily use these to separate blocks of content or sections on your page.